Raw Manuka Honey

of the best quality straight from the hive

265+ MGO 500g

400+ MGO 270g

The New Zealand Raw Honey Company

This is what our beekeepers say about their honey

Our honey is packed straight from the beehives. It contains unique mineral, vitamin and nutrient content and have been used as a powerful remedy since the beginning of time.

We do not use high heat to kill yeast, enhance the texture and colour of the honey, and extend its shelf life by removing the crystallisation. That is because pasteurisation takes way the vital nutrients in the raw honey, turning the liquid gold into plain sugar.

Why is raw honey better?

Raw honey in its natural state is a living food, high in anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. As it has been extracted directly from the hive without being heat-treated, it preserves all its naturally occurring enzymes and antioxidants. You can add it to fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and boost your antioxidant intake and prevent skin cell damages. The raw honey in NZ is also a natural remedy for sore throats, acne and minor wounds and can improve your immune system.

Ethically Sourced from Second or Third Generation NZ Beekeepers

All our products are delicately harvested by generations of expert beekeepers, using the traditional beekeeping practices. Our love for the South Island’s nature and passion for honey means that we source and harvest the finest raw honey in NZ using only sustainable and ethical methods. Our artisan beekeepers harvest excess honey only when plentiful and appropriate. That is to ensure the bees have enough honey to feed on during the winter months.

Situated in the untouched region of the South Island, our hardworking bees have the perfect conditions for raw honey productions. The clean and pristine landscape of New Zealand’s South Island gives our products a deliciously rich and distinct taste.

You can buy raw honey online from our online shop. Make sure you try the award-winning RAW West Coast Rata honey.

Buy Raw Manuka Honey from New Zealand online

If you are looking to buy raw Manuka honey online, you’ve come to the right place. You can choose between MGO of 152+, 265+ and 400+. The MGO grading indicates the potency of the honey. The higher the MGO rating, the more MGO content is found in the raw Manuka honey.

The high levels of MGO and enzymes found in raw Manuka honey in New Zealand mean that it can work wonders when it comes treating a cold, speeding up wound healing and increasing your antioxidant intake. You can buy the one with MGO 152+ for cooking, to use it as a sweetener or spread over the toast. Or you can buy the one with MGO 265+ as the perfect immunity booster. Simply add the honey to lemon juice and hot tea to soothe a sore throat and suppress coughing.

Pasteurised or Unpasteurised?

For centuries, unpasteurised raw Manuka honey has been used by Maori people as a food source, as well as a medicinal remedy. In nowadays, we also add a spoonful in drinks, baking and cooking as a natural sweetener. When honey is left in its purest raw form, it’s truly a superfood, rich with vital nutrients to complement your wellness.

Raw Manuka honey in New Zealand is well known for all the nutrients, enzymes and medicinal compounds it contains. Unlike must of the processed honey found in supermarkets, the raw Manuka honey is nothing like the blended and water-down versions. Pasteurisation removes most of the nutrient-rich elements and kills all beneficial microorganisms and other health-enhancing components such as minerals and enzymes found naturally in quality raw Manuka honey in New Zealand. Unpasteurised, raw Manuka honey thus is far superior and beneficial than your regular honey.

It can be hard to buy a quality raw Manuka honey – but it’s another matter finding one that ticks all the boxes as we do. So, if you’re in the market for a superfood that tastes as delicious as it is beneficial to your health, go ahead and buy raw Manuka honey from us.

It is available in the following grades and sizes:

Manuka Honey 152+ MGO 270g
Manuka Honey 152+ MGO 500g
Manuka Honig 265+ MGO 270g
Manuka Honig 265+ MGO 500g
Manuka Honig 400+ MGO 270g
Manuka Honig 400+ MGO 500g

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