What is manuka honey?

Manuka honey is a monofloral honey from New Zealand, for which the bees take the pollen solely from the New Zealand tea tree, the Manuka tree, to produce their honey. This small tree or shrub is also called "South Sea myrtle" in German, and the Latin name for it is "Leptospermum scoparium".

Many people in Europe know about the disinfecting and healing properties of the Australian tea tree. The New Zealand Manuka tree also has these properties, studies say to an even superior degree, and these properties are found once more in the honey the bees make from it. The nectar of the flowers contain dihydroxyacetones, abbreviated DHA. In a stomach which the bee has expressly to produce honey, this DHA is converted into methylglyoxal, also known as MGO. Most Manuka honeys are divided into a strength grade according to the MGO they contain, e.g. 265 MGO. However, Manuka honey contains not only DHA and MGO, but also leptosperin, which is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of honey, as well as hydroxymethylfurfural, abbreviated HMF, which has anti-oxidative, anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. The honey, which has been tested for all four of these factors, is UMF certified. This stands for "Unique Manuka Factor". For this reason, there is a double label on New Zealand Raw Honey Company honey, e.g. 265 MGO / 10+ UMF.

Possible applications and the effectiveness of honey differs depending on the grade of MGO/UMF. We are happy to help you make your decision on what to buy for your specific need and recommend, suggest, or even consultyou in regard to where you want to boost your health. For consultation you can ring us on 0041 77 498 00 71 or email adele@manuka-swiss.ch

There are also a variety of products that are made with Manuka honey as an ingredient, and as a result, they share the health-promoting properties of this unique honey.

On our website you can see the list of products that are currently available from us. We are always open to new products and you're welcome to call or write to us if you are missing something in our range

Order from us or visit our market stand in Riehen on Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm, enjoy our manuka honey and have fun trying out the variety of applications of this great product made by our little friends, the bees!

Mark & Adele

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