Greenscents - naturally clean

Our new line of organic cleaning and laundry products 

Greenscents is a family business firmly rooted in the community.

Since 2012, Greenscents has been producing certified organic cleaning & laundry products to customers in the UK and across the world. Our ethos is uncompromising: to provide the most natural and sustainable household range possible with all the benefits of a certified collection.

We believe passionately in moving to a simpler more sustainable world where we can enjoy renewed focus on things that really matter.

Our ambitions for Greenscents include:

  • Non-toxic formulas using the cleanest ingredients available
  • Effective products that provide a benchmark for simple cleaning
  • Products that offer natural protection from bacteria
  • Total transparency with a range of ‘gold standard’ certifiers
  • Minimising the production of waste, recirculating resources and regenerating nature as part of the circular economy.

Our Greenscents products are available at: 
Citrus Allzweckreiniger (desinfiziert) (500ml) in English "Citrus All Purpose Sanitiser"
Citrus Allzweck-Spray für Küche & Badezimmer (500ml) in English "Citrus Multi-Surface Spray"
Citrus WC Reiniger (500ml) in English "Citrus Loo Cleaner"
Citrus Hand-Spülmittel (500ml) in English "Citrus Washing Up Liquid"
Pulver für Geschirrspülmaschine (180g) in English "Dishwasher Powder" (non-scents)
Citrus Flüssigwaschmittel (500ml) in English "Citrus Laundry Liquid"

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