Market in Reinach: 25 June 2024 

raw, single batch manuka honey

Manuka honey at fantastic prices!  

Welcome to the land of Manuka honey!

Our passion is healthy food and nature-given products valuable and restorative for our bodies. And what could be more beneficial and healing than Manuka honey and the oil of the Manuka tree, a beautiful shrub native to New Zealand, which in German is also called the South Sea myrtle.

Adele spent most of her childhood and adolescence in New Zealand and that's how she got to know this wonderful honey. During a later visit to her old homeland, she also got to know the body care products that are made with this

extraordinary, potent honey. Her absolute favourite is the Ultra Rich Body Cream from Living Nature.

Since we are so enthusiastic about the quality and effectiveness of this honey and its products, we would like to introduce them to you. Test our high-quality products, order in our online shop today! Alternatively you can send us an email with your order or give us a call and let us advise you by phone!

Mark & Adele Szabó

Manuka Honey Care Products

We are convinced of the efficacy of manuka honey and that it can be used incomparably as an active ingredient in skin and oral care products!

Manuka Honey

We sell Manuka honey from the New Zealand Raw Honey Company. This honey is of very high quality and comes directly from the hive to the jar (glass), guaranteed natural and raw.

We'd like to introduce to our customers our new line of household products :

You'll find more information on our new Greenscents line under "Other Ventures" and in German at

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